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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Pencil Tin ...

It isn't often that it takes me so long to finish off a drawing
but I sort of lost interest in getting back to this one
which may say quite a bit about my attention span
and I kind of did a bit of a sketchy job
but as it is in a sketchbook then that is entirely appropriate isn't it

The clean up after the last weekend's weather debacle took precedence
and I am sitting typing away to the sweet music of Sinus
being all manly and using chainsaws, leaf blowers
and his beloved gerni pressure washer thingy
which is the Sinus equivalent of me playing with art supplies I think
he smiles the whole time he is being Captain Powertools
which I sort of don't understand
 because wouldn't that mean you risk all sorts of wood chips and grass and crap 
flying into your mouth???
must be one of those mysterious man things
like cricket, beer belches, announcing you are going to the toilet,  football in any form, and cooking with fire
never going to get any of that

Instead I am ensconced in my clean and tidy studio
which is alarming is its own way
I am doing a bit of a shuffle to make room for bigger work and some canvases
which means the tubs of pencils that I used to have hanging right above me
are all moved and it looks scarily naked
which is totally doing my head in
I mean there is all this room
which is awesome right
but it looks all bare and sad
which is not so awesome

So I am going to get stuck in, take down the rail maybe
fill the space with some more artworks 
and then make a mess and hope that it sets it to rights

happy Sunday Sketches all...xx

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Laurie said...

this is exciting!

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Nicely done. I cant work in anything all organized and cleaned out. I look forward to the new work. I have a power tool manic around here too. He smiles the whole time working. :)

rrARTz said...

Great pencil tin and drawings!

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful pencil tin drawings.

Sharon Evans said...

Yeah men and their toys. oops sorry tools. love your drawings. A clean studio is scary isn't it!

Anne Manda said...

Lovely drawing and lovely color combination! <3 The sound of the chain saw is default noise here during summer weekends! :)

Jez said...

Enjoyed your post so much, as always. Yeas, there's tidy, and there's too tidy, and then there's 'I need it, I want it, WHEREdid I put it?' Glad things are settling back to 'normal' for you.

craftattack said...

I see the teapot is still there, that's a good sign. Lovely sketch!

Adrienne Rose said...

Ha, I think my husband wishes that he had all those tools. He might feel less of a man right now that he doesn't have them. He is always wishing for a garage and power tools.

I wish we could have that! But with us moving all the time... Ohhhh the Army life.

Goodness, I am so jealous of your studio space. I *could* have studio space in the spare room, but... That is not where the husband hangs out. So I choose to hang in the living room at the dining table. Ah well. LOL. My laptop is basically my studio anyhow! Mwahahah.

bella lullo said...

I tuoi acquerelli sono meravigliosi,come sempre!

Manon said...

Put those pencils back!!! It doesn't feel like you :)

NatashaMay said...

Totally fantastic! I love your drawings! :) You give such life to them.

Carol L McKenna said...

Your sketches are so unique and well done ~ Love your style ~ so talented ~

Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Gloria said...

I think there is some sort of cosmic change going on, as so many artists I know are having a feeling of turmoil going on in their lives(myself included) and have not felt "centered" since the end of 2012. I admire the fact that you are able to still get into your re-arranged studio to sketch, and you do it so well. I am constantly fighting against doing things I must do to maintain a household, and family ties, and wanting to immerse myself totally in art. Lately the musts have been winning but with a half-hearted effort.

Dianne said...

It is so fun how you just draw every-day stuff and it looks amazing! You inspired me to 'draw my food' (with your prawns) so double thank-you for your great blog!

Missy said...

I highly enjoy your pencils and also seeing the progress!

Kristin Aquariann said...

You are hilarious. Uniquely lovely sketch.

♥ aquariann
Art Update: Steampunk Rose Drawing

Alicia C said...

Horror vacui = a certain phobia against empty or negative space, especially as seen in Medieval art. The same could be said for too-clean artistic spaces however :D lovely pens, the best part of these pencils is they'll never lose their sharp tips

Lindsay Drya said...

Ahh the men things, I know what you are talking about, lol! Beautiful raw sketches again... I totally feel like drawing now. :)

Christine said...

lovely patterns on the pencil box! It's nice to have a change of workspace every so often, great that you are getting around to it!

WrightStuff said...

At least you still have time for a cup of tea... which reminds me... must put the kettle on...

Tam Hess said...

I have a hard time drawing pencils. Yours are so nicely done! I'm not good at straight lines. I should make funny crooked pencils. Even my evergreen trees are crooked, why I don't do them very much. Oh and my hubby just announced to me he is using the bathroom! hahaha

Giggles said...

Can't wait to see the big canvases!!
I had a huge comment, erased it....I will send it in an email!! lol

Hugs Giggles

Michellem said...

Aren't you happy to have a "Captain Powertools" for a husband though - they are so handy to have around!
Can't wait to see bigger works from you!

Serena Lewis said...

Some changes can take a bit of getting used to...I'm sure it will all feel right again once you have filled the space with some art. You have me intrigued with your mention of canvasses and larger art. Can't wait to see what you have planned.

Btw, another great sketch!

Lime Tree said...

It is always so inspiring to pop up here. Your work is gorgeous. So inspirational! Ah, love that tea pot! :D

Terrie Purkey said...

So, school's back in session, the yard is Sinus' domain, your studio is set to rights.....the world has aligned to give you time and space. Can't WAIT to see what you'll come up with. Are you feeling botanical? I always love your botanical drawings and haven't seen one in a while... been too hot? Whatever you create will be lovely....I'm wa-a-a-iting :)

Sandra Busby said...

lol - Sinus sounds very much like my Paul, who is never happier than when he has a power-tool in his hand :0)
No doubt after a few days in the studio it'll all feel like it's meant to again - meanwhile - am loving the sketch!! :0)

Kristin said...

announcing you are going to the toilet (that was my favorite part!)
LOVE this sketch, and your breakfast sorbet . . . and YES I messed her up, big time! Feels good that we ALL do it, lol. xoxo

Wendy said...

Lovely!!! Your use of color is beautiful!

Nic McLean said...

i laughed at the manly men jobs-soynd familiar-steve's tools and stuff are taking over our new garage!
i'm looking forward to seeing your work on larger canvasses-doyou still work in watercolours and ink or will you use acrylics?

Stephanie Corder said...

WOW, my blog has not been showing me updates of your posts! So, I'm now going back through to see what all I've missed! I really like your sketch and I can so totally relate to the hubby and power tool play time! Too funny, and GREAT comparison of us playing with art supplies and them playing with their toys as well!

Gallery Juana said...

I had a good chuckle at the "Captain Powertools" and know how that seems to be the case with guys.

Pretty cool to see your process photos. You make everyday objects look so majestic!

aimee said...

ooooh! scarlet pencils!